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Question asked by mstranovsky on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by dcoley

Using the selection tool on the toolbar of the editor widget to select multiple points.  When I click the attribute tool on the toolbar, I only get one feature in the AttributeInspector infowindow.   I do not get the navigation buttons on the AttributeInspector. 


mapMain.on("layers-add-result", initEditing);


function initEditing (evt) {

  layers =, function(result) {

        return {featureLayer: result.layer};







function createEditor() {

        if (myEditor) {





        var settings = {

        map: mapMain,

        enableUndoRedo: true,

            geometryService: new GeometryService(""),

            layerInfos: layers,

            toolbarVisible: true,

            toolbarOptions: {

              reshapeVisible: false



        var params = {settings: settings};


        myEditor = new esri.dijit.editing.Editor(params,domConstruct.create("div"));, "editorDiv");