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What is wrong with my syntax?

Question asked by csergent08 Champion on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by rscheitlin

I want to use the findAddress Candidates, but I am receiving a syntax error. What do I need to modify?


                   "dojo/_base/array"], function (AddressCandidate,array) {
                       on(dom.byId("btnTest"),"click",function() {
                           array.forEach(addressCandidates, function(candidate) {
                               if (candidate.score > score && candidate.attributes.Loc_name === document.getElementById("ownerAddress").value) {
                                   stop = candidate;
                                   score = candidate.score;
                                   // Display the score on the console.
                                   console.log = score;

And the AddressCandidate code sample appear to be incomplete. What else do I need besides what they show. I figure my addressLocator; anything else?


Here is my updated code: csergent45/codeViolationNotice at 3cd51e07008dfb3882231ba9f252d81dbef05bae · GitHub