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IdentifyTask get Coded Domain Values NOT Description

Question asked by crombezk on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by crombezk

When I use the Identify Task on a layer with a coded domain, it returns the coded domain description and not the value.

How can I receive the coded value?


For example.

In our zoning layer... if zoning of SF1 is identified, the callback returns Single Family District... but I want the actual code SF1.


I have unchecked all the following boxes in the map document that specify to display the description.

Layer Properties Display Expression

Layer Properties Label Expression

Layer Properties HTML Popup

Layer Attribute Table Appearance


But the JavaScript API is still returning the description. Similarly, when I identify in the map document, I receive Single Family District and not SF1.


Am I missing a setting someplace? or is there a setting in the identify parameters that I am overlooking?