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Header widget z-index: -1?

Question asked by andrewhayden on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by junshan_liu-esristaff

I'm using the tab theme and would like to move the onscreen basemap widget up to the header.  I'm able to move the widget up via the main config.json, but it falls underneath the header.  With the browser dev tools I'm able to move the header to the back by applying a z-index of -1 and, so far, everything behaves as expected.  I'm able to add .jimu-widget-header{ z-index:-1} class to style.css for the TabTheme header widget but was wondering if I could just add a z-index: -1 to the header widget config section in main config.json.  If so, how?  I've added it, but it isn't being honored.