App built in Web App Builder cannot be opened without logging on

01-27-2015 07:34 AM
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I put together an app the other day with the web app builder and when I send the URL to someone it requires them to log on.  The content, web map, and app are all shared publically.  Also, surprisingly if I create the app using an ESRI template instead of the web app builder I am able to successfully share that app with anyone without requiring login.  Is there a step I am missing with the Web App builder that will allow the finished app to be publically viewable.


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I had the same question the other day.    Try replacing the first part of the url to your app (which starts with your organization account) with ""

So for us, I changed:   to

I've run across one issue with that:  The disclaimer splash I created does not carry over.   It's visible to those logging in to the organization version, but not to the public version (which is, frankly, the exact opposite of what I need).

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I think it relates to the organization security settings.  You must allow for anonymous access to your organizations website. Try this hyperlink, it may explain.....Share items—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS

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Could you use the latest version to have a try?

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