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Transferring Shape File Data to SQL Server via a .NET Script

Question asked by Meengla on Jun 30, 2015
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For background, please see this: geometry - ArcGIS Desktop: Not Rendering Line Data but Web Service Outputs Fine - Geographic Information Systems Stack E…


But I haven't gotten any help in that place or in Stack Overflow either--and hence yet another cross post here.


Basically, I have Floor Plans in Shape files; the data is Polylines ZM--though I am not sure what the Z and M values are for and so I am not outputting them into JSON files. Most things work fine but not quite there. I think, per the above link's 'Update 3', if I can get that to work then all should be good.


I am so close but not 100% there. I need help! I could ask my boss to even pay someone to help figure this critical piece out. I am willing to even have a screen share session hosted by me if needed.