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TIN Tolerances

Question asked by dslamb on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by dslamb

Hello All,


I'm working on converting an AML script over to the latest version of ArcGIS. It uses TIN commands extensively to create TINS and Contours. I'm not familiar enough with the old TIN tool to find the equivalent setting sin 3D analyst.


For example, the tool sets the weed_tolerance and proximal_tolerance for the CREATETIN tool. These no longer seem to be available as parameters in 3D analyst.


I was thinking about thinning the points prior to using them in 3D analyst as a surrogate to proximal_tolerance, but it isn't clear what this tolerance actually does.  This is the only description I've found:


{proximal_tolerance} - tolerance used to ignore points, nodes and the remaining

weeded vertices that fall within the given distance. The default is the

machine precision of the computer. The {proximal_tolerance} is set to the

greater of two values, either the program-calculated value or the value you



weed_tolerance seems applicable only to polylines, and the Generalize tool might work for that.


The TINCONTOUR tool has a subdivision degree option that is used, but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent. I thought maybe something with a terrain pyramid might work...


Any thoughts?