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Arcgis Server 10.2.2 with SQL 2008 Express

Question asked by abijunair on Jun 10, 2015
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Hi All,


As part of setting ArcGIS Server for development purposes we have setup ArcGIS Server 10.2.2, Enterprise Advance, at development server Windows 2008 Server. SQL Server 2008 R2 Express is also installed on the same server.Have also created spatial database and data source is also registered with the server.


Have published 3 services using the spatial database Service1, Service2 & Service3. The services are pooled services. Had published these services via a .mxd document from ArcGIS Desktop Advanced.Spatial database connectivity\authentication is windows based(i.e.operating system based) as i understand.. it is the only option with SQL Server express edition.


I have also made a javascript api based web application which displays the services as map, user can navigate & use info tools..just a basic web viewer application


Have couple of doubts\issues regarding this setup which i am facing


1. Once all the 3 services are started on the server i am not able to open the .mxd ( through ArcGIS Desktop)   or make any further database connection to the spatial database server( in ArcGIS Desktop Catalog). After analyzing the error\message which i get is "Maximum number of connections to instance exceeded"


2. When using the web application, on zoomin in\out, navigating the application frequently becomes unresponsive. Upon going through ArcGIS Server log, i got to know that i am frequently getting the error  "There is an error during the draw xxxxxx The base table definition string "xxxxxxx" is invalid,(4.) Maximum number of connections to instance exceeded".


Looking at some blogs i changed CONNECTIONS to 100 in the table SDE_server_config but still no difference


What i would like to know is


1.Is there any issue in the setup which i have made?

2.The error which i am getting..are they because of setup\deployment issues or restrictions of express version of  SQL Server? and what can be done to rectify\overcome them

3.What is the no of user limit in the setup what i have. user limits in terms of user from ArcGIS Desktop & Web users concurrent or otherwise


Any insight\ help is appreciated