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Script for simultaneous looping and dissolve

Question asked by salmanseahmed on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2015 by salmanseahmed

In the table attached you can see the destination cities in 'Destination' field. Many of them are same - Werne Werne Werne.......

I want to create a script/model such that when run, it loops through all the rows with the same destination city  (all the rows that have Werne for example) and then out of them selects the row that has the maximum value in the 'Commuters' field and then dissolves the destination city with the origin city ('Origin' field) for that row.

For example for Werne the row with the maximum value in the commuter field is the first row. So the tool should identify that and then dissolve Werne with Bergkamen in the map.

And then this should be done for every destination city. So basically the looping must happen only until the rows with same destination cities. Then after dissolving that city with its origin city a new loop should be created for the next destination city in the 'Destination' field.Untitled2.png