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QmlPolygon parsing within IdentifyTask?

Question asked by TSI-AR on May 28, 2015
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I'm using a REST MapServer which provides a layer of parcel (property line) data on my map, all under Qt.


I need to parse the parcel boundaries into a list of vertices (for rending in an Augmented Reality view) and am using IdentifyTask to get the data.  I get the top-level information ok, but then find a QMLPolygon and am unable to figure out how to parse the data out it.


This is the key code:



        IdentifyTask {
                id: identifyTask
                url: serviceLayerUrl
                onIdentifyTaskStatusChanged: {
                    if (identifyTaskStatus === Enums.IdentifyTaskStatusCompleted) {
                        for (var index in identifyResult) {
                            var result = identifyResult[index];
                            console.log("Name, Value:", result.layerName, result.value.toString());
                            console.log("Geometry:", result.feature.geometry);
                    } else if (identifyTaskStatus === Enums.IdentifyTaskStatusErrored) {
                        resultText.text = identifyError.message;
This is the output:


qml: Name, Value: ME_Acton_Cape_Polygons_Merge U13-57

qml: Geometry: QmlPolygon(0x7ffc69fc1e80)


I'm not finding any documentation on QmlPolygon.  From related projects written in Objective-C and Java (iPhone and Android) I know there's a PointCount followed by a list of vertices.  Any suggestions on how to access them?


Apologies in advance if this is a simple question, REST service use within ArcGIS is new to me.


Thanks!  Chuck