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help regarding different problems in python script

Question asked by waqarah on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by Dan_Patterson
  • i am writing script which uses different Tools of arcgis and implementing different functionalities ..
  • My script consists in different Functions running in an order.
  • Each function is connected to each other , and works on layers and performs   functions like(update cursor, search cursor )
  • When function1 finishes execution funciton2 starts and works on the same layer on which first one was working.

The problem is here function2 generates wrong results or works wrong.


works wrong means if a loop is defined to 5 iterations it will runs more then 5 times. like 20, 30 times and generates different results of one value.


When i run each function separately it will works fine. but when i run function in one script it will create problems.


My findings of this are LOCKS which are creating the problem.



Sample Structure of my script:


import arcpy
import math
import sys  
import traceback  
from arcpy import env

# Class to Generate Report
class test:
    def __init__(self, workSpace):
      self.workSpace = workSpace
    # Add Fields
    def function1(self):
        # Script
    # Generate Report
    def function2(self):
            # Script 
            rows = arcpy.SearchCursor(self.mapLayerFinal,"","","Shape_Area")
            row =
            while row:
                    area = row.Shape_Area  
                    print "function2"      
                    destination_cursor = arcpy.UpdateCursor(self.censusLayer, '"DISTRICT_ID" = '+ str(district_id))
                    row1 =
                    while row1:
                            row1 =
                    row =

t = test(workSpace)
t2 = test(workSpace)


NOTE: code is tested and working correct if each function is executed separately