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issues with setting default value in Collector for ArcGIS

Question asked by bobsays48 on May 20, 2015

The following is a description of my problem with setting default value in Collector for ArcGIS:


I'm trying to set  default value to a particular field within a featureclass. I've used the GP to assign default value ('A') into the particular field so that every time when I create a point, for instance, the field would automatically fill in with the value 'A'.  I've also double checked by right clicking the featureclass and looking through Field Tab to confirm that the 'value'. A was set as default value.


Additional note: The fc existed already prior to assigning default value and has the alternate value 'B' within the field.


In ArcGIS Desktop, when I enabled my editor mode and wanting to create a point feature, the value 'A' was automatically filled in as default value. However ,this is not the case when I create a point in Collector. When I created a point, for some reason it gives me the option to create the point with value 'A' or 'B'.