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Data will not connect to my form

Question asked by csergent08 on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by csergent08

I have two forms, one for a support layer and one for a sign layer. The support layer connects to my data and displays on the form. On the sign form, however, I receive the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined


The error is in the init.js:799


I have updated my code on github at: csergent45/streetSigns · GitHub  The file that I am updating is in the app/main.js file. If you would like to test it, enter an address of 100 S Main St, Decatur, Illinois. You can then click on the points which should display a form. So this works:

/* Update Support Layer Begin */
        app.supportLayer.on("click", function (evt) {

            /* Get support information on click */
            var supportId, type, address, size, material, base, rating, dateInv, inspector, comments, addrCode;

            // declare rest endpoint values
            supportId = evt.graphic.attributes.SUPPORTID;
            type = evt.graphic.attributes.TYPE;
            address = evt.graphic.attributes.ADDRESS;
            size = evt.graphic.attributes.SIZE_;
            material = evt.graphic.attributes.MATERIAL;
            base = evt.graphic.attributes.BASE;
            rating = evt.graphic.attributes.RATING;
            dateInv = evt.graphic.attributes.DATEINV;
            inspector = evt.graphic.attributes.INSPECTOR;
            comments = evt.graphic.attributes.COMMENTS;
            addrCode = evt.graphic.attributes.ADDRCODE;


            // Clear form of values before connecting current values

            /* Enter your domain item and then the element to populate */
            populateSelect("TYPE", "type", "support");
            populateSelect("SIZE_", "size", "support");
            populateSelect("MATERIAL", "material", "support");
            populateSelect("BASE", "base", "support");
            populateSelect("RATING", "rating", "support");

            /* Populate form with data */
            document.getElementById("address").value = address;
            document.getElementById("supportId").value = supportId;
            document.getElementById("type").value = type;
            document.getElementById("size").value = size;
            document.getElementById("material").value = material;
            document.getElementById("base").value = base;
            document.getElementById("rating").value = rating;
            document.getElementById("dateInv").value = dateInv;
            document.getElementById("inspector").value = inspector;
            document.getElementById("comments").value = comments;
            document.getElementById("addrCode").value = addrCode;

            // Show supports form for updating 

        /* Update Support Layer End */



And this does not work:

 /* Update Sign Layer Begin */
        app.signLayer.on("click"), function (evt) {

            var installed, signId, facing, visibility, condition, supportId, text, color1, delineator, illum, offset
            var mountht, backing, width, height, txtSize, numSize, comments, twoSided, attachType, attachNum, attachLoc, siteObs, signShape, color2, mutcd

            installed = evt.graphic.attributes.INSTALLED;
            signId = evt.graphic.attributes.SIGNID;
            facing = evt.graphic.attributes.FACING;
            visibility = evt.graphic.attributes.VISIBILITY;
            condition = evt.graphic.attributes.CONDITION_;
            supportId = evt.graphic.attributes.SUPPORTID;
            text = evt.graphic.attributes.TEXT;
            color1 = evt.graphic.attributes.COLOR1;
            delineator = evt.graphic.attributes.DELINEATOR;
            illum = evt.graphic.attributes.ILLUM;
            offset = evt.graphic.attributes.OFFSET;
            mountht = evt.graphic.attributes.MOUNTHT;
            backing = evt.graphic.attributes.BACKING;
            width = evt.graphic.attributes.WIDTH;
            height = evt.graphic.attributes.HEIGHT;
            txtSize = evt.graphic.attributes.TXTSIZE;
            numSize = evt.graphic.attributes.NUMSIZE;
            comments = evt.graphic.attributes.COMMENTS;
            twoSided = evt.graphic.attributes.TWOSIDED;
            attachType = evt.graphic.attributes.ATTACHTYPE;
            attachNum = evt.graphic.attributes.ATTACHNUM;
            attachLoc = evt.graphic.attributes.ATTACHLOC;
            siteObs = evt.graphic.attributes.SITEOBS;
            signShape = evt.graphic.attributes.SIGNSHAPE;
            color2 = evt.graphic.attributes.COLOR2;
            mutcd = evt.graphic.attributes.MUTCD;

            // Clear form of values before connecting current values

            /* Enter your domain item and then the element to populate */
            populateSelect("VISIBILITY", "visibility", "sign");
            populateSelect("CONDITION_", "condition", "sign");
            populateSelect("COLOR1", "color1", "sign");
            populateSelect("DELINEATOR", "delineator", "sign");
            populateSelect("ILLUM", "illum", "sign");
            populateSelect("BACKING", "backing", "sign");
            populateSelect("ATTACHTYPE", "attachType", "sign");
            populateSelect("ATTACHLOC", "attachLoc", "sign");
            populateSelect("SITEOBS", "siteObs", "sign");
            populateSelect("SIGNSHAPE", "signShape", "sign");
            populateSelect("COLOR2", "color2", "sign");
            populateSelect("MUTCD", "mutcd", "sign");

            /* Populate form with data */
            document.getElementById("installed").value = installed;
            document.getElementById("signId").value = signId;
            document.getElementById("facing").value = facing;
            document.getElementById("visibility").value = visibility;
            document.getElementById("condition").value = condition;
            document.getElementById("supportId").value = supportId;
            document.getElementById("text").value = text;
            document.getElementById("color1").value = color1;
            document.getElementById("delineator").value = delineator;
            document.getElementById("illum").value = illum;
            document.getElementById("offset").value = offset;
            document.getElementById("mountht").value = mountht;
            document.getElementById("backing").value = backing;
            document.getElementById("width").value = width;
            document.getElementById("height").value = height;
            document.getElementById("txtSize").value = txtSize;
            document.getElementById("numSize").value = numSize;
            document.getElementById("comments").value = comments;
            document.getElementById("twoSided").value = twoSided;
            document.getElementById("attachType").value = attachType;
            document.getElementById("attachNum").value = attachNum;
            document.getElementById("attachLoc").value = attachLoc;
            document.getElementById("siteObs").value = siteObs;
            document.getElementById("signShape").value = signShape;
            document.getElementById("color2").value = color2;
            document.getElementById("mutcd").value = mutcd;

            // Show signs form for updating


        /* Update Sign Layer End */

I did find it interesting that  on the first one I had to add a ); but on the second one, this was not needed. Any ideas?