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Rotate Images stored as Feature Class Attachments?

Question asked by MLF on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by mxn

When you use Collector app to take pictures of features, the picture is stored in a BLOB field which is created when you use Catalog/gp to enable Attachments on the feature class.  The resulting images can be rotated successfully in ArcMap, but the rotation is only for the current mxd, and does not correct the underlying data.  There is no mechanism for rotation in an ArcGIS Online web map.  Is there a way to permanently rotate the picture in the underlying data?


This question is not version-specific, but for extra info: I use DT 10.2.2 and DT 10.3.  The SDE version is 10.2.2, database version SQL Server 2008 R2, iOS is changing constantly, but is always current.