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05-08-2015 05:56 AM
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Is it possible to make a Story Map public without the public having to create an account with ArcGIS?

When a user clicks on the link to the story map that I created, the map appears but as soon as the user begins to scroll though the map story a page pops up prompting the user to login or to create an account.  Most people do not want to create an account to view the map and the story.

If I embed the map to my webpage will the people viewing the map still need to have an ArcGIS account?

thank you


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Hi Nicolas,

It seems like you while you may have made the map itself public, a portion of the data within it is not - and asking you for credentials to see it.  Is there a layer that has security that you weren't aware of?

From ESRI:

Considerations for sharing maps

  • If you want your map to be accessible to the general public (and your organization allows sharing outside the organization), you need to share it with everyone. To do this, click the Share  button and check the box next to Share with everyone (public). You can also use the share option in My Content.
  • You can only embed maps that are shared with everyone (public).
  • When you share a map through a link or embed it in a website, the extent you last viewed is automatically captured and included in the link or embedded map. When the map is opened, it shows the extent you were viewing when you shared it. This allows you to share and embed maps that open at specific locations. For example, if you find a demographic map for the entire United States, you can zoom in to your city and share a link that opens the map at that city.
  • Most Esri map layers are free to use on your maps and can be viewed by anyone. However, some of the layers require an organizational account to view and, in some cases, consume credits and require privileges. These layers are identified in the item details. If you want to share maps publicly that contain these particular layers, you need to build a custom app.
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yes, it is possible to make a Story Map public, embedded as well as just by itself. You need to share all the resources the web map uses (i.e. feature services , basemaps,  etc.), the web map itself, and your Story Map application publicly (vs. keeping their status "Private" or shared only with your organization or a group). 

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