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Can an Address Locators Properties be changed on the fly?

Question asked by janiceb on Apr 28, 2015
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I have an address locator that has a side offset set to 20 feet. This works well for displaying the geocoded address at a location that is 20 feet from the centerline. Is there a way to modify the Locator Properties in javascript so that I can get the exact point on the centerline rather than (or as well as) one that is 20 feet away? Do I need to create a second address locator with a side offset of 0 to accomplish this? When I look at the properties of the address locator, the geocoding options are grayed out. (see the attached png).


What I am trying to do is place a graphic on the centerline that the user can move up and down the centerline. I have also having an issue with snapping... I will put that in a separate discussion!