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creating pipeline network

Question asked by mgoetza on Apr 20, 2015
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I am working on a project where I should connect street segments along public streets (for example for a pipeline for gas or oil). I have an example geodatabase with a feature dataset. The feature dataset includes the streets from open street map (osmstreets) around the street segments and the street segments that should be connected itself. I converted the street segments to points to be able to add them later as locations in the network analyst toolbox.

Then I created a network dataset, a route layer and added my points from the street segments as stops to the layer.

Now I want to connect the points/stops with each other along the public streets from open street map

There I have several problems and questions.


1. When I want to calculate a route with the "solve" tool I always get errors like this although I chose the option "ignore invalid locations":

"Warning: No route from first location "Location 1" to last location "Location 15".
Error: No solution found."

The problem is that the route does not connect if there are junctions between


2. Can I choose a start and end point?


3. Is it possible to calculate routes as a kind of network. As I said I need it for gas or oil networks ans only need the shortest connection between the segments and not a route that connects one point after another like a car would drive? lready tried to build a geometric network but there some points are not included.


Thanks for your help.