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Print Dialog timer bug

Question asked by dev731 on Mar 20, 2015



ArcGIS Desktop 10.2.2(Print Dialog Hang patch didn't work)


it's about custom ArcMap application(extension), but below you see standard print dialog. The problem is that after opening and closing several documents smth is leaked. GDI objects count grows to ~2 000. Then combo box in the dialog no longer works. It may heal itself after you open another document, or just close this dialog.


1. combo is unable to draw icon(or is it some bitmap?)

2. combo closes itself after 0.5s(there is SetTimer call inside PrintOutUI.DLL). Why would they use a timer?

3. in the 2nd picture you see how it all starts - on every click it adds more duplicates.


any ideas? is it possible to make some magic call somewhere to fix this, some workaround(except export to PDF)?

I tried loading PrintOutUI.dll in advance, prior to opening any documents, but it didn't help(by creating some COM class from the DLL)

GC.Collect/WaitForFinalizer() didn't help.

manually creating and leaking GDI objects didn't cause this problem(hundreds of pen/bitmap/dc/brush, emfs, but no more thant 10k limit)