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How to make script tool help use relative path?

Question asked by Hornbydd Champion on Mar 16, 2015
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Having a really knotty problem and I was wondering if anyone could confirm if this is a bug in 10.3 or I'm not doing it right?


I have created a script tool and an associated CHM help file. In my script tool properties I have ticked on under the general tab Store relative path names. I know this is working as my script is in a sub-folder. I have organized my folder such that my CHM file is in a sub folder called Help (not unreasonable!) but when ever I click on the Tool help button on the tool script interface it opens up a blank window and then the item description page in my internet browser.




I have tried:

  1. Placing the CHM file in the same folder as the tbx file
  2. syntax of \Help\myhelp.chm
  3. syntax of ..\Help\myhelp.chm
  4. syntax of .\myhelp.chm
  5. syntax of ..\SCTTool\Help\myhelp.chm


Nothing works! So is the path to the CHM file absolute and the relative path name is ignored? This is on my c:\ drive and when I double click on the CHM file it opens as expected.