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ArcGIS desketop 10.3 breaks Python script...

Question asked by vscott1 on Mar 10, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by rastrauch

Argh! I use Python scripts to run my routine and adhoc SDE data updates that I get from our users. I made the mistake of upgrading to ArcGIS Desktop 10.3 before testing out my scripts. (Not to worry, I still have 10.2.1 on a virtual desktop!) When I went to run a script to perform routine SDE updates with the 10.3 version, the script crashed at my "change privileges" section

I found that I could modify the script and assign privileges "individually" instead of the existing "batch" mode. Wait . . . I have a poop-load of SDE Python data maintenance scripts! Now I have to go in and modify ALL my scripts! (see above profile picture)


After reporting this to ESRI support, it was reproduced on their end and a bug fix will be forthcoming. (I don't have the bug # or est. date of fix yet.) In the mean time instead of modifying ALL my scripts, I will use my virtual machine to perform the updates . . . under protest!


I don't know how many others out there use the Python script code - "Change Privileges", so I thought I'd pass this information along . . .


Broken code:    arcpy.ChangePrivileges_management(GISADM_B_D, "SDESEL, GISAPP, WSDSEL", "GRANT", "")

Replaced w:     arcpy.ChangePrivileges_management(GISADM_B_D, "SDESEL", "GRANT", "")

                         arcpy.ChangePrivileges_management(GISADM_B_D, "GISAPP", "GRANT", "")

                         arcpy.ChangePrivileges_management(GISADM_B_D, "WSDSEL", "GRANT", "")