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Why has the autorun tool been removed from the Job View of Workflow Manager at 10.1?

Question asked by alison_ott on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by tbello-esristaff

We are finally starting an upgrade from Workflow Manager 10.0 to Workflow Manager 10.2.2. As we began the migration of our first workflow, we noticed that the autorun tool is no longer available from the Job View in Workflow Manager. It appears that this was removed at 10.1. Can anyone tell me why it was removed and if there is some way to work around this? Our clients used this to run through a number of steps that took no interaction but had to be defined as individual steps.


ArcGIS Desktop - this help shows the tool at the bottom of the web page


ArcGIS Help 10.1  - this is the same help but as you can see it is no longer there.