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How to Backup MXD (Create a Restore Point)?

Question asked by kenric03 on Feb 20, 2015
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I will try to explain my question.  I am the only user of our data in the department.  I would like to create a save spot (backup, restore, other similar terms) in-case something happens to our data.


What I mean is this... I would like to have something similar to AutoCAD where all I do is save the map in-case I need it, and I can continue to work on the map (I could do a Save As... and rename the map "Backup Map", and save it somewhere just to be safe).  It is only to serve as a way for me to go back to the map if something where to happen.


I am not sure how I can do this in ArcGIS.  For example, I have one particular map that is crucial for us and that I always work on.  I make edits to it almost every day.  How would I backup this map let's say once a month?  Would I need to copy the geodatabase, and put it in a folder labeled something like "March 2015" and next "April 2015" for every time I save it?



I hope my question makes sense, and any advice will be very helpful!