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Blank webappbuilder page when starting node.js

Question asked by guess on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by parnelandr

I’ll set the stage…  within my AGOL for Organizations account, I created a Web Map (name: GIS Viewer - which is the web map I’m using within my Web AppBuilder application).  I downloaded the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) and went through the initial “Get Started” page ( ).  I started Node.js (which spawned Web AppBuilder in browser), specified my portal (AGOL for Org. url), and was then prompted for an App ID.  After some reading, I created a Web Mapping Application in AGOL (name: GIS Viewer_WAB) and Registered the app and set the redirect URI’s, then copied the App ID into the text box within the Web AppBuilder.  Everything worked fine for a while.


Now, within AGOL, the Web Mapping Application (GIS Viewer_WAB) was deleted.  I deleted it because I was having some issues with basemaps and thought it was the app and wanted to start from scratch.  I thought I could delete it and create a new one, register that app in AGOL and then update the App ID in the signininfo.json file located within the  \arcgis-web-appbuilder-1.0\server folder on my machine. Now, when I start Node.js, the Web AppBuilder page within the browser is blank. 


Anyone have some thoughts on what could/should be done to be able to view the stemapp again via Node.js?