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Layer transparency

Question asked by mannion on Feb 3, 2015
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I am attempting to create a simple map that has two layers: polygons with graduated colors, over an imagery basemap. I would like the polygons to be 50% transparent. This is easy to do when using a single symbol, but when using graduated colors, the only way I've found to set the transparency is to edit each symbol individually.


I know I can set the polygon "Outline color" and "Outline width" properties for all symbols at the same time (Symbology > Class breaks > More > Symbols > Format all symbols). The transparency, however, is set as part of the "Color" property. When I edit the Color in order to choose a transparency value, ArcGIS Pro overwrites the original color ramp with same symbol (i.e. same color, same transparency).


My question is:


  • Is there a way in ArcGIS Pro to set transparency at the layer level, like we can with the Effects toolbar in ArcMap?


If not, I'd appreciate any tips on quicker ways to set the transparency for a layer with graduated colors. The method I'm using now requires 7 clicks/keystrokes for each symbol. I'm using 10 class breaks, which makes for a lot of clicks.


On the positive side, ArcGIS Pro shows overlapping areas of transparent polygons as darker, whereas ArcMap only shows a flattened view where the top polygon prevails. Maybe this has something to do with my graphics card or the default settings for the respective apps. Either way, I like the way that ArcGIS Pro behaves out-of-the-box in this respect, so kudos to whoever implemented that feature.


Thank you!