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Merging points layers produces Null values in attribute table

Question asked by BobvanderMeij on Jan 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2015 by oearley

Dear all,


I am currently attempting to merge 70 different point layers, each point representing a residence location (one layer for each neighborhood). Each of the point layers contains five attributes (OID *, Shape *, CID, OID* and Religion) that are all equally named and contain equal datatypes in all layers. The values for the the attribute 'Religion' are produced through a join between each layer and an Excel on OID *. An example attribute table is shown below.

Question pic1.png

The goal is to merge all the different layers into a single layer that contains a single attribute 'Religion' and correctly stores the subsequent values for this attribute of all origin input layers. Using the Merge (Data Management) tool, the point layers are in fact merged, but the resultant attribute table is not as expected. It only produces values for those attributes that belong to the input data layers, any attributes that originate from the joined Excel sheets show <Null> values. Besides, the output attribute table stores a single 'Religion' attribute for each input layer, whereas I aim to have a single attribute for this that stores the values for all input layers. Below, part of the output attribute table using the Merge tool is shown.

Question pic2.png

Could any please point out what is causing this output, and how I should adjust the operation to produce the desired output.