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"search" feature in App Builder

Question asked by gambrels on Jan 23, 2015
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Hi all,


We are in the process of upgrading our server from 9.3 to 10.3, and I am attempting to re-create our flex apps using the App Builder.  We are running a federated server and I am building apps via Portal.  The first thing I noticed is with App Builder is that there is no "search by attributes" functionality, which is really the fundamental use in all of our flex apps.  Typically users start by searching an address (located in an attribute field) or a facility ID #.  Essentially users enter a value and the attribute table is searched and matching features are highlighted...


Regardless, this functionality does not appear to be there  "out-of-the-box", though one can configure the Query widget or use the Geocoding widget to approximate it.  I started with the Query widget, thinking it would be the easiest to set up and maintain, however there is some bug or problem with the data that I and Tech support cannot figure out.  So I'm now looking at using the Geocoding widget to perform the search task.



In researching this, I am a little confused and hoped some of you could verify my understanding of the situation.  As I understand it:

1.  in order to use the geocoding widget, I will need to build a locator for each field and feature class I want to search.  These different locators will be able to be selected via drop-down in the entry box of the geocoding widget.  So for instance, if I want users to be able to search by Property ID, Owner Name, and Place name, I will need to build three locators for this one widget.  Is this correct?


2.  I've only built an address locator once and it was a long time ago.  In reading through the resources, it seems like any locator that is built is considered an "address locator", even though it may use an attribute field instead of geometry to identify a feature.  Is this correct or do I need to be looking at something else?  For instance I may need to have manholes "searchable" by manhole ID number, which actually has little to do with geography.  And "address locator" doesn't sound like the correct tool for this purpose.


3.  As values in the attribute table (or a joined table) change, does the locator need updated manually, or will it always read the data dynamically?




Thanks for the input.  This is a bewildering workflow for what should really be out of the box functionality...