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Generating statistics from a table in a shape file Plus comparing changes

Question asked by Kate_Moss on Jan 19, 2015
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I have looked at the tool box etc and not found what I am looking for.

Can someone point me in the right direction to do the following please?


1 - I have Phase 1 habitat data mapped for areas in Essex, England.  (1980 data and 2014 data)

This is to look at habitat change over 30 years or so

The data in the attribute table is in the following...

Text for the habitat codes eg A1.1.1  , B2.1 etc and then for each code there is an area in hectares.

I would like to calculate the totals in areas for each habitat code using the two columns....

How do I do this please without whipping the data out into Excel?


2 - I would like to compare the changes in habitats between  the 1980 data and 2014 data.

The 2014 data was mapped using  a copy of the 1980 data with shapes amended and attributes amended where needed.  Therefore retaining in one column where possible the original habitat data and the new habitat data in new columns.

Therefore we can either do this using  the 2014 data or for better accuracy as with merging shapes that shape takes on the attributes of one or the other, using both the 2014 shape and the 1980 shape files.....


Any clues, ideas will be gratefully appreciated... I can then build a model to run if possible!


Thank you

Kate, Biological Mapping Officer, Essex Wildlife Trust , UK