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Offline multiple layers

Question asked by dougbrowning on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by PhilC2_Boulder

I have a map with about 15 layers on it that are all part of a single feature service.  All point to a single sql db.  I can see and edit all of them in a webmap no problem.


When I try to download the map in Collector I get this error

"The map failed to download with the message: Failed to create replica.  Multiple layers are referencing a dataset, which is not supported"

Also note the download stays in the android notification bar forever


Tried using ArcGIS Online and Portal 10.3 (and server 10.3).


I made a new map with just one of these layers and it works fine.  I am pointing to the exact same Feature Service just using a /10.


I can find nothing in the help or here on this.


I think it means I can only have one editable layer in a map when going offline.  But that seems strange.  Not a very useful app if I can only edit one thing.


Is there any documentation on this?  I would like to know how to work around it or what all my limits are.  Do I need to publish one layer per feature service (and if I do can I add multiple feature services to a map then download) or have one feature service and the rest map service?