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Register ArcGIS Server token with IdentityManager

Question asked by deleted-user-RAnWn8DDSd1P on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by amarsden

We have a protected ArcGIS Online webmap which references some of our protected ArcGIS Server services on-premise.  I'm trying to bypass both challenges for credentials with IdentityManager.  Server-side I fetch an oauth2 token from ArcGIS Online with client_id and client_secret and a token from our on-premise ArcGIS Server with username and password.  I've been successful using the following to register the oauth2 token:


var agolToken = {

   'server': '',

   'userId': 'user',

   'token': '<fetched ArcGIS Online oauth2 access_token>',

   'ssl': true,

   'expires': <fetched ArcGIS Online oauth2 expires_in>




esriArcgisUtils.createMap('<protected ArcGIS Online webmap id>',...


How do I register the ArcGIS Server token with IdentityManager such that every subsequent request, tile or otherwise, will append the token?

I was able to interrupt some requests with esri.setRequestPreCallback and add the token to ioArgs.url, but the tile requests do not seem to filter through there.