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Raster to Polygon within Model - inline variable error

Question asked by BoilerAggie on Jan 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by MDegones

I created a model to iterate through and process rasters and convert the desired value field to a polygon. The final model needs to be robust and very user friendly.


However, when I try to use an inline variable to put the polygon into a user defined temp geodatabase the tool will add ".shp" to the output file name. Unless it is pathed to a gdb in the model it will add the ".shp" But since the output is really a gdb, it causes an error during the run.


The problem:


I've been getting around this by making the polygon output into a parameter and changing the location myself each run. But then it's not exactly user friendly.


How I "fix" the problem:



How can I prevent the automatic addition of ".shp" on this step? And leave out my work-around solution so the eventual user only defines a temp gdb?


(None of the other steps have this issue with the inline variable)