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Disable Vector Tiling

Question asked by blyefd on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2014 by blyefd

Is there any way to disable the Vector Tiling process in 3.11 ?



Often my map users need to have up to 6 feature layers added to the map (not too many features in each one) but due to vector tiling, up to 60 requests are sent for every extent change, no matter how little the map moved.


Sure, status 304 responses come back, but the huge number of requests are choking the server and adding lots of latency for the responses (up to 10 seconds sometimes to get all the 304's responses.) (compounding this is that browsers have a limit of concurrent connections to one server. eg 15, so requests wait until connections are available)


I would rather have 6 requests, one for each featurelayer, for the current extent of the map.