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Set default geodatabase per user environment

Question asked by griner on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by Daryl.Hochhalter

Our shop uses a common map document for our production work. This map has many layers loaded from many locations, along with custom symbolizations, drawing scale settings, etc. Periodically, one person goes through this map document to implement updates to this MXD, that then become part of the department's working map.


The problem is that the saved map document has that one person's setting for the default geodatabase - which means when that MXD is rolled out, everyone in the department is using that person's default geodatabase. As you can imagine, it's a networked environment with roaming profiles so users' home directories are on servers.


It would be great (and simple) to have the default geodatabase specified using the syntax of environment strings, so that when each user picks up an updated production map, they don't have to remember to reset their default geodatabase to their own home directory.


Can the Default Geodatabase be specified, and saved in the MXD, as (for example) "%LOCALAPPDATA%\ArcGIS" ?  Or whatever environment string substitution makes sense for a local (or enterprise) group...