Odd Behavior in Feature Class Data Attribute Select

05-14-2018 11:07 AM
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I have a feature class in a 10.3.1 SDE (called Production) used for editing and overnight that FC is copied over to another SDE (called Published) for displaying in map services (this is done to avoid locks).  However, a recent copy of the FC from the Production SDE in Published has resulted in odd behavior.  See the screenshots below. When querying on the Attribute table, the SELECT * FROM doesn't display the table name in the Published data, but does in the Production data.  I deleted the FC from Published and had it regenerate a copy from the Production and same behavior.  Any ideas what might be causing this or how to fix it?


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Hello Kirsten,

 This is an interesting issue. If you run the Clear Workspace Cache tool on the Published database connection from which the FC is coming, and then re-try the select by attributes, does the query show up? A few other questions:

  • How is the FC copied from Production to Published SQL Geodatabases? Is it just a copy / paste in Catalog?
  • Are Prodcution and Published both 10.3.1 geodatabases residing on the same database instance or different servers / instance?
  • Have you tried this from a different machine / workstation or different OS version to make sure it's not GUI based?
  • Does a simple attribute query still work in Published even though the SQL statement is missing or do they fail? 

  Thanks and hope this is helpful!


Rex R

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Thank you for your response, Rex!  Of course now that I have a chance to revisit this issue this week (I was out of the office last week), it appears to have resolved itself.  I did not know about the Clear Workspace Cache tool, but if it crops up again, I'll try that first.

To answer your questions:

  • We do a Delete/Append via python script every night on most of our FCs in Published from Production. 
  • Both 10.3.1 geodatabases are on the same server.
  • We did try it from another PC, each running differing versions of Windows (10 and 7) and had the same issue.
  • No, the attribute query did not work in Published when that SQL statement was missing -- it failed.

I'll mark your comment as answered -- maybe it was a caching issue that cleared up after some time passed -- but reopen if it acts up again.