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labeling point feature layer (feature service) in Collector for ArcGIS

Question asked by RichardH522 on Oct 12, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2014 by RTreecare

I've put together a great workflow for a client of mine to collect data inside of an airport on multiple floors.  I've been reading about labeling not being supported in Collector and I am hoping to get clarification on what that means.


We can create a web map with point feature layers that have labels enabled.  When we download the web map to collector, the labels do show up next to the points.  This is a critical part of how maintenance crews will be verifying data as they can see the id number of a point before selecting it.


Sometimes the labels do not show up when downloading a new 'saved as' web map.  Do you guys know what would cause the labels to show up in the first place?  It seems like they are supported, but I cannot find documentation to fix the issue when they do not show up.  If we knew how to replicate the environment that exists when they do show up then we can work on supporting them?  IDK