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Accessing existing .sde and .ags Connection Files in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by jrflannery on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by MidnightYell2003

Does ArcGIS Pro have an ArcCatalog-like function for Folders, Databases and GIS Server Connections that I am missing?  I open an ArcGIS Pro map and see the “Project” window with Folders and Databases and Toolboxes, etc. for that particular map project.  But, if I want to connect to an enterprise geodatabase, I must use >Insert >Connections to add a SQL database connection and that database connection does not persist to my next map project.  So I need to re-connect to my enterprise geodatabases everytime I make a new map?  Also, it appears that ArcGIS Pro does not recognize and use existing *.sde and *.ags connection files.  Is this true?


OK, then I will open ArcCatalog stand-alone beside ArcGIS Pro and bring data into my Pro map that way. Nope – one cannot drag & drop any kind of featureclass, shapefile or ArcGIS Server services from ArcCatalog into any place in an ArcGIS Pro map.  Really?


If I am wrong about this functionality, I would certainly welcome any guidance or direction.


Thank you.