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Using getContent() to access specific element.

Question asked by Lucasbrito3 on Oct 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2014 by Lucasbrito3

We are trying to plot a point on map based on the click of a different marker, meaning we have two different sets of lat and long values. Once the map is loaded, we have all markers displayed, but when one marker is clicked, we should pin a new marker that contains the second location of the ID.

To do so we are using the getContent() function, but once a marker is clicked, the function retrieves the all of the values in the view as a string, not just the values associated to the marker that is clicked. Is there a way to retrieve just the values that are clicked?


 map.on( "load", pinMap);

function pinMap( ) {
                var iconPath  = "M16,3.5c-4.142,0-7.5,3.358-7.5,7.5c0,4.143,7.5,18.121,7.5,18.121S23.5,15.143,23.5,11C23.5,6.858,20.143,3.5,16,3.5z M16,14.584c-1.979,0-3.584-1.604-3.584-3.584S14.021,7.416,16,7.416S19.584,9.021,19.584,11S17.979,14.584,16,14.584z";
                var infoContent = "<b>Id</b>: ${Id} <br /><b>x</b>: ${x}";
                var infoTemplate = new InfoTemplate(" Information",infoContent);
                $.post( '{{ path( 'points' ) }}', {}, function( r ) { 
                    arrayUtils.forEach( r.points, function( point ) {
                        if (point.x==1) {
                            var initColor = "#CF3A3A";
                        else {
                            var initColor = "#FF9900";
                        var attr = {"Id","x":point.x};
                        var graphic   = new Graphic( new Point( point.coords ), createSymbol( iconPath, initColor ), attr, infoTemplate);
               graphic );

                            var str = graphic.getContent();
                    } );
                }, 'json' );