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Limit to the number of ArcGIS Server web-adaptors on single IIS host?

Question asked by pfoppe on Oct 1, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2016 by pfoppe

We have a fairly large ArcGIS Server (AGS) footprint.  We started funneling all traffic through a single location (IIS web-server) for consistency and maintenance and currently have 11 web-adaptors successfully hosted on a single IIS server.  We are having  troubles adding a 12th web-adaptor on that same server.  Basically, we do the following when we have a new site that needs to be established:


  1. Install AGS on a new node and build a 'site'
    1. depending on the site the config-store is either local (if single node)
    2. or on a file-server (multi-node)
    3. Normally running web-tier Authentication
  2. Install 2 'consumption' web-adaptors on our 'public' web-server with admin functions disabled
    1. Web-adaptor 1 = HTTP and HTTPS enabled.  Anonymous access only
    2. Web-Adaptor 2 = HTTPS ONLY with integrated windows auth (IWA) using NTLM and/or Kerberos
  3. Install a 3rd 'admin' web-adaptor on a 'private' web-server that our admins/publishers use to configure or publish to the site


This allows us to host a single point of entry for all of our arcgis server solutions and present with different 'instance names'.  Example:



We seem to have run into a limit on the number of web-adaptors that can be hosted on the web-server.  We have the web-adaptor product installed 11 times.  When we launch the install executable for the 12th time it asks us to repair or modify our previous installation. 


So it seems there is a limit to 11 web-adaptors that can be hosted on a single IIS web-server.  Has anyone ran into this same or similar issue?  Our only way around this seems to be to establish a load balancing mechanisim in front of our IIS web-server to send the first 11 web-adaptors to 1 IIS host and the other web-adaptors to another IIS host based on some fancy routing (or URL Re-write) rules. 


Currently running ArcGIS Server 10.2.1 and 10.2.2 in this environment.  Thanks for any info!