'ClassFactory cannot supply requested class' error when compiling sample Server Object Extension

02-18-2016 05:46 PM
New Contributor

I am attempting to get my ArcObjects development environment set up, with the goal of developing a Server Object Extension and I am getting stuck on building/deploying extensions.

I have ArcGis Server 10.3.1 and the ArcObjects SDK 10.3.1 up and running. I can deploy one of the sample SOE's, provided with the SDK, but cannot build the SOE sample myself and deploy it. When I deploy the .soe file and enable the extension in the service I want it to apply it to, I am getting a "ClassFactory cannot supply requested class" error upon startup of the service.

I am following the steps described here , using the Eclipse export functionality and the command line utility with the same result.

Any ideas what is wrong with my environment? ​

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