Geoprocessing Service Completed Without Returning Geometry in Web Application

02-16-2016 12:38 PM
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I am attempting to publish a 'Solve Vehicle Routing Problem' model as a geoprocessing tool for use in a Web Application. I can successfully run the tool on Desktop and get output results, but when the geoprocessing tool is used in the Web App as a GPServer REST URL, it finishes with an empty table and no route geometry.

I have a simple VRP model consisting of

inputs: orders


            depot (single depot, set as a parameter)

outputs: route (set to output parameter)

               stops table (set to output parameter)

               unscheduled stops table

I am having trouble figuring out why the stops table and route geometry are not populated when run off of the server. Also, the Depot input parameter does not prompt any fields to be filled out. Any insight or tips into the issue would be appreciated.

An image of the model is attached.

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Try setting the GP messages to info within the service and run it again with Fiddler or another web debugger open.  You should be able to see all of the messages returned for the execution of each tool and could point you to where the problem is.  Does the GP service work if run in ArcMap?

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