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Question asked by mscferenzo on Apr 21, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2013 by mscferenzo
I am a very new user to GIS,and currently I am having a problem running Model Builder,

I am trying to build a model which iterates over unique values of a field  and takes each of these values to calculate another field.
I am not able to get different values, but infact I am getting the same value for each row of that field.
My aim is to select a value for the field rooftop_twohundred and then convert that value into percentage by creating a new field       Percent. this has to be repeated for all the points (there are 14718 of those).
I tried to build a model but the field percent shows the same values. I am not able to proceed furthur beyond this point, and I am very new to GIS. Can anyone please help me out. i have attached the screenshot of the at tribute table and the jpeg image of the model.Can someone help me out, I would be grateful for that