Model Builder Not Completely Honoring Layer File

04-22-2013 06:53 AM
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I have created a series of map templates for one of our departments that each have an associated model.

As part of the model I also created a lyr file for symbology and labeling (the subject parcel layer portion).

This is referenced in the output feature properties of my model.


The tool runs correctly and the Subject Parcel_layer gets added to the map template. The overall symbology from the layer file is correct, however, the labeling preferences I've set up are not (font size, type, etc.).

As a side note, the Subject Parcel Layer does not exist in the template, it gets added through the model.

Any ideas on why the labeling portion is not being honored?
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by Anonymous User
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Original User: j_orellana

I believe Layer files do not store Labelling properties. If you wish to apply the same labelling scheme to a new dataset, I suggest changing the source file of the existing data set that is labelled properly and point to your new dataset.

Hope that helps
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