Problem creating new image service in ArcGIS 10

Discussion created by rie_mino on Aug 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2010 by EinBerliner
Hi to all,

I am having trouble creating an image service in ArcMap 10.  My workflow is as follows:
1) I created a raster catalog within a file geodatabase.
2) I create a mosaic dataset using the "Create Reference Mosaic Dataset" from the raster catalog context menu.
3) I try to create an image service within ArcMap by using the "New Image Service" option within the Image Service Definition Editor toolbar.

I get the following error when tool attempts to add raster dataset to the image service:
[FormatCore : 01001F] Error: C:\my\temp.gdb\500m_Yr_Avg_MD: Process of gathering information to generate RPDef failed. ( location=FormatCore.dll:imagebackend.cpp:ESRI::ImageServer::RasterBase::Private::ImageBackend::getInformation:120;lasterror=0;cerr=2;thread=12EC )
[ServiceEditor.ImageService.AddRaster : 001C1D] Error: Could not add Raster 'C:\my\temp.gdb\500m_Yr_Avg_MD'.
[GenericRPDefGenerator.GenerateRPDefs : 00A80F] Error: Could not extract Raster Format Information for: 'C:\my\temp.gdb\500m_Yr_Avg_MD'.