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Accumulation feature class has bizarre values

Question asked by geoid23 on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by sephefox


I have a feature class which uses a field (double) with accumulated flow values (hydrology, etc). I am finding weird values in this field that are not all visible through what I would consider to be the standard methods. The attribute table shows a range of values with some Nulls although they are not really Nulls as you cannot query for them.

  If I symbolize by quantity I get weird ranges with Nulls interspersed (1st example in attached).

  If I symbolize by categories I get all of the expected number values, no Nulls, and one value of "-1.#IND" with 34K records! What the heck is that? (second example in attached).


If I kick it out to an mdb and open in Access it shows me no Nulls and, again, 34K records with -1.#IND.

The attribute table in Arc does not show this value at all.


Another strange thing, I initially tried to resolve this by manually selecting all of the "Nulls" (not really Nulls) in Arc and calc'ing to 0. Well, that broke the feature class. 


So basically, I have never seen this and have no idea what is happening. Any ideas will be rewarded with a mental image of pizza, cookies and soda pop provided by yours truly.


HR Puffinstuff