What is the best way to create a grid for remote camera sampling?

10-20-2014 04:08 PM
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We are looking for the best way to create a systematic grid for remote camera sampling. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We have 10.2.2 and the Analyst extensions.

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the fishnet tool  from which you could use the grid intersections, and/or the centroids if you convert them to polylines or points  you can ignore any locations that you don't need.  If you need transects, you can create an initial line in an edit session then copy and paste it with an offset, or you could use Point Maker it has options to create point patterns in a grid pattern plus a whole bunch of other stuff.

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You might also find Grid Index Features useful. It can create a grid of rectangles of a specified size to cover any chosen feature or feature class. If you know the extent of your camera frame this could work well.