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Accumulation feature class has bizarre values

08-29-2014 03:45 PM
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I have a feature class which uses a field (double) with accumulated flow values (hydrology, etc). I am finding weird values in this field that are not all visible through what I would consider to be the standard methods. The attribute table shows a range of values with some Nulls although they are not really Nulls as you cannot query for them.

  If I symbolize by quantity I get weird ranges with Nulls interspersed (1st example in attached).

  If I symbolize by categories I get all of the expected number values, no Nulls, and one value of "-1.#IND" with 34K records! What the heck is that? (second example in attached).


If I kick it out to an mdb and open in Access it shows me no Nulls and, again, 34K records with -1.#IND.

The attribute table in Arc does not show this value at all.


Another strange thing, I initially tried to resolve this by manually selecting all of the "Nulls" (not really Nulls) in Arc and calc'ing to 0. Well, that broke the feature class. 


So basically, I have never seen this and have no idea what is happening. Any ideas will be rewarded with a mental image of pizza, cookies and soda pop provided by yours truly.


HR Puffinstuff

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It seems as though your feature class has some kind of geometry problem, but more detail is needed to diagnose. Where did you get the layer? How was it created? Can you provide a screenshot of both the drawn layer and its attribute table?

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