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SVG graphics & CSS animations

Question asked by evtguy on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by riyasdeen_b

A question for the ESRI Dev folks or anyone else who have spent time on this topic-


I'm working on adding some animations to the selected feature when a user clicks on a feature using the technique in this ESRI sample. Unlike the sample, I'm tapping into the graphic-draw event of the map's graphic layer. It does work- and here's a JSFiddle that shows it in action. I'll call this my "pulse" animation.


What I have in the JSFiddle, however, is actually my second choice of "animation". I originally wanted to incorporate this animation into my project but it does not animate (here's my modified Fiddle of the original to show what I wanted the animation to do). I know the "hook" into the event in my JS code is sound because my "pulse" animation linked in my Fiddle works (and also works in my actual project).


I wanted to use a different animation style for linear features (as shown on #5 on this page) but it does not animate.


I guess my question is this- is there some part of the JS API that prevents some of these animations from operating? A CSS conflict between my CSS and the API's? I can't see it but that doesn't mean it exists.





[EDIT: I should clarify some things- I've mostly been developing in Chrome with some double checking in Firefox.I do know that IE doesn't support animations natively. I did get the line animation to work in Firefox but it does not animate in Chrome.]