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Using 'z' data in an excel spreadsheet to display height information in Arcmap

Question asked by lillakotten on Aug 22, 2014
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I am new to ArcGIS and, as a result, I tend to struggle with tasks that others in the Esri community would view as being very simple. I have used a Leica Smartover GSP system to record X, Y and height data for a field. This information is stored in a excel spreadsheet. I have tried using 'Interpolation' tools in Arcmap 10 to convert the z data (height) so I can see the height difference over the field to find any archaeological features. However, the 'IDW', 'Topo to Raster' tools haven't been successful. As I am becoming extremely disheartened every time I see the red cross when trying to perform these tasks, I would be sincerely grateful for any assistance.

Once again I am a beginner but I appreciate the importance of this software and I am trying my best to learn.