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[HELP] Create custom FeatureLayer?

Question asked by FelixWang on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by cigdev



We are considering using ArcGIS JavaScript in our Windows 8.1 modern application.

The main scenario is simple: just display some "data layers" on the map.

Seems like FeatureLayer can fulfill our requirements. We did try CSVLayer and it worked.


However, our data source is a Web Service that returns JSON (an OData service) so CSV is not a convenient format for us.

So naturally the questions are...

1. What is alternative for our scenario? I see there are only CSV/StreamLayer, but we need to consume JSON.

2. Do we need to create our custom FeatureLayer (in our case, probably ODataJSONLayer) ?

2. Is there any tutorial, sample or learning material regarding to create a custom FeatureLayer?

3. Does it require "big" effort to do so or it is a relatively easy task?