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How to change WMS respose style

Question asked by nz14 on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by DOpgenorth-esristaff

I knew about the server styles to build the identify box for the WMS response. I knew about the parameter xsl_template to overwrite the standard with an other box style. But I think I make an mistake in the syntax for the request because the identify shows the blue standard box:

Can anybody tell me how to use the attached user defined Style while using xsl_template?

My Syntax is:


I use it as URL Input in the dialogbox of "Add WMS Server" in ArcGIS for Desktop. Is this the correct syntax and right place?

Or should I write the Syntax in der WMS Capabilty in the service?


I'll be happy about a promt answer.

Kind regards,

Nicole Zöllner

alta4 AG, Trier