ArcPy script to search, get value, compare to field names and sum field values

Discussion created by lbarry78 on Jun 19, 2014
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I am relatively new to Python (although experienced in GIS). I am working with a feature class which was joined by a matrix of flow data for areas. Each area has unique string label. I have run a seperate script to cluster the areas into regions and have attached the region number to the feature class. Each region has between 5-19 areas. I have attached a screendump of the feature class
I am looking to write a script to loop through each of the region ID numbers ("RegID_6k99"), select all of the areas which have that number, for these areas look at the area label and sum the cell values for the row based only where field names are the same as those belonging to the region.

I have written the code as follows:

>>> import arcpy
>>> fieldlist = arcpy.ListFields("C:/Temp/lorraine/NIData.gdb/fc_f6000_in99Matx")
>>> for field in fieldlist:

>>>fc = "C:/Temp/lorraine/NIData.gdb/fc_f6000_in99Matx"
>>> regfield = "RegID_6k99"
>>> cursor = arcpy.SearchCursor(fc)
>>> for row in cursor:

>>> for row in cursor:
if row.getValue(regfield)=="1":
  print row.getValue(LABEL)
I have a search cursor to get a certain value. So I need to increment this upwards and I need to link the selection to the field name (fieldlist) and sum the values in those cells to a new column.

Help! I'm stuck. Don't know how to implement these last stages. Any advice gratefully accepted. Lorraine